The Societal Dimensions of Sámi Research

Online Exhibition Opening, Book Launch & Keynote Lecture by Prof. Troy Storfjell 

30. Oktober 2020, 01:00 – 03:45 pm (Gmt+2, Oslo)

How can a camera be an ambigous enterprise? How can a veahčir (drum hammer) be present and absent at the same time? How can a turf hut model provide evidence for coastal Sámi as a cultural display category?

These are some of the questions we aim to answer in the online exhibition. Inspired by the poetry slam, the exhibition offers a selection of short texts and objects, originating from the research group Societal Dimensions of Sámi Research.

The history of “Sámi research” is not only about the development of a research field – it also reflects important changes in Sámi peoples’ positioning within the Nordic societies. This half-day Zoomposium explores the social dimensions of Sámi research with three events: an online exhibition opening, a preliminary book launch, and a keynote lecture by Prof. Troy Storfjell. You are most welcome to join us in the conversation!  Be aware that you need to register for the Zoomposium.

Photo from the above left: Laura Junka-Aikio, Mari Karlstad, Eeva-Kriistina Harlin, Peter Segemark, Monica Grini, Rossella Ragazzi.